Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are not “simple.” Each one is different and there is no set damage calculation.  In many instances you need medical treatment, you can’t work, your car needs to be fixed, and you need a rental car. You need help fast. You need an experienced auto accident lawyer. The last thing you need is the insurance company runaround. Rick Woods is experienced in these types of cases. The rules for pursuing these claims have become much more complex. When you’ve been injured in an auto accident, don’t go it alone. If you or a loved one was the victim of a serious auto accident, we want to provide you with the legal help you need. Please fill out our contact form or do not hesitate to call us for a free initial consultation at 479-443-5222.


The law requires the person or company responsible to pay for your auto accident repairs and injuries. Many victims of motorcycle and auto accidents in Arkansas try to handle their own personal injury cases, hoping the insurance companies involved will settle as promptly and fairly as advertised. Unfortunately, not all insurance companies respond in that manner and you need an auto accident lawyer on your side. Insurance companies’ obligations are to their stockholders and policyholders, not to people injured in an auto accident. Insurance companies have enormous advantages: vast wealth, armies of sharp, experienced adjusters and lawyers, and dozens of legal reasons to reduce or deny compensation. Insurance companies have argued for tort reform to reduce costs, but have failed to pass on any benefit by way of reduced premiums. With Rick Woods, an experienced auto accident lawyer, his obligations are to you. Allow us to turn the tables on the insurance company and help you with your claim. If you don’t call, we can’t help.


Rick Woods has been involved in numerous cases throughout Arkansas involving insurance companies who refuse to pay and compensate their own insured for legitimate claims. The insurance companies promised that these claims would be covered under their insurance policies, and their insured diligently paid for coverage through regular premium payments. Yet when it comes time to pay, insurance companies routinely fail to pay what is rightly due. The law provides that insurance companies may be liable for, in addition to what they owe, certain penalties and fees. Also, in some instances insurance companies are guilty of bad faith which may subject them to punitive damages. Rick Woods sues insurance companies to get them to pay what they owe. And remember, by Arkansas law, you cannot have your premiums raised on the basis of making a claim on your own policy. Rick Woods, Attorney at Law will make sure that you receive excellent personalized legal service regardless of the issue that you are facing. We offer free consultations to all of our clients, which are completely confidential. Call now at 479-443-5222 or fill out our contact form.


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