Areas of Practice

Auto Accidents

Lawyer Rick Woods | Featured Attorney Personal Injury Lawyer Rick Woods | Lawyer Personal Injury Auto accidents are not “simple.” Each one is different and there is no set damage calculation.  In many instances you need medical treatment, you can’t work, your car needs to be fixed, and you need a rental car. You need help […]

Business Law

We provide high quality, cost effective legal advice to businesses of all sizes. Our lawyers can assist you with all of the legal aspects of your business. We provide you with guidance as to how to create the proper legal structure to maximize the effectiveness of your business. In addition, after your new legal entity has been created, our law […]


You have the right to pursue a legal action for bad faith when your own insurance company tries to limit or even deny coverage of a claim without proper justification or warning. Not every act of an insurance company with which you disagree is bad faith, but if you have been treated unfairly and have been denied coverage or a reasonable settlement wrongfully, you may have a case for bad faith against your […]

Truck / Train Accidents

Have you been injured in an accident involving an 18-Wheeler or a train? Rick Woods is committed to helping individuals and families who have been injured in accidents involving semi-trucks and trains. Rick handles all motor vehicle accident cases on a contingency basis. Therefore, he does not charge attorneys’ fees without a settlement or jury verdict in your favor. Contact Rick Woods today […]

Wrongful Death

Has your family suffered the tragic and unnecessary death of a family member caused by thenegligence of another? Rick Woods has the resources, experience, skill, and dedication to successfully resolve your case. Let him take care of this important matter for your family. If you have a loved one who was the victim of a wrongful death, Rick Woods wants to provide you with the […]

Environmental Law

PRIVATE CLAIMS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE? In many instances, when an environmental spill, leak, fracking incident, mining contamination of ground water or other hazard occurs, state or federal agencies get involved to oversee clean up of the hazardous substance. The agencies main concern is to abate the substance to “tolerable” levels. The agencies do not concern […]

Defective Products

Lawyer Rick Woods | Featured Attorney Defective Products Lawyer Rick Woods | Lawyer Defective Products If you were injured by a defective product, you need to retain legal representation immediately. Designers, manufacturers, and suppliers (including distributors and retailers) are required to render a duty of care to consumers. They do this by having a product […]


If you suffer from and illness or injury and cannot work, you may have a claim for Long Term Disability Benefits (LTD) or Medical Benefits (MB) through an insurance plan sponsored by your employer.   If you have such a claim you should hire an attorney immediately as the claim is dependent on information provided to […]